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How does it work?

The mystery of our success

Since we started our service people flock to us. And of course many competitors try to copy us. So please understand, that we cannot go to much into detail here and will ignore all requests, that try to get behind our secrets. We want to stay the only ones who can offer you this wonderful service.

How it all started...

There are days you simply have to be able to rely on certain weather conditions and can not leave this to chance. After almost everything went wrong for us, we started a quest for who is responsible for that and found a solution for the problem.

The solution!

If you don't demand what you want you shouldn't be surprised if your wishes will not be taken into consideration by those responsible. The more people know what is on the wishlist, the bigger the probability that it will come true. Sounds logical, doesn't it? But - how can we archive this?


The Internet is the key!

Only through the internet is now possible to offer a maximum of people at the same time the possibility to express their wish for a certain weather and to have a look at the wishes of others. If there is a conflict of interests there will be a way to find a solution. All we still have to do, is to forward your requests to the authorities in charge of the weather. Sounds just too good for you? So just read our Customer Testimonies!
At the moment our service is still in beta stadium - that means that sometimes not all your wishes will be executed the assigned way.